“I haven’t felt this good for a while. I am adding 10 to 20 more yards to my distance!” -Howard C.

Golf is a fun sport, that has a tremendous amount of rotation in it. It is a sport that everyone can enjoy and as you know, it is very technical. When you start enjoying the game, you might start feeling you want to get better at it and get good scores.

It is very important to learn the skill and techniques to play golf! Also, it is very important to understand the performance side of it.

When you are at the golf course, how do you warm-up? Do you start having back pain during and/or after? Do you feel pain on one side of your back? You take a golf lesson, but your score hasn’t got better or steady? All the things will go on.

  • Warm-up is important because you want to make sure your body is ready to respond in a way that you are asking it from a performance standpoint. You cannot expect your performance to be at its peak without a proper warm-up!
  • Back pain can be addressed with corrective types of movement-based exercises.
  • One side of your back having pain, come into us and find out how we can help you avoid having that pain on one side of your back.


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You will get all the attention from Larry for one hour.

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[Small Group Training: $35 per session]

You will share an hour with 2 to 3 people.


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Golf training! Working on a little balance while putting! Stabilizing the money shot!

Posted by 1Stop-Fitness on Friday, June 14, 2019

In June 2019……

Golf training with Larry ?

Posted by 1Stop-Fitness on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

In August 2017….. Can you see the progress he has made?