I began working with Tomomi in June 2017 with the intention of strengthening my legs and core to improve balance and posture. I was immediately impressed with Tomomi’s knowledge of anatomy and her ability to explain the benefits of the exercises she gave me. Her specialized individual attention have produced noticeable results with better balance and walking. Thank you!!

Sandra W


Larry Jones at 1STOP Fitness is THE trainer to have when you are serious about improving your overall fitness! He is extremely knowledgable in the field of strength and agility training and able to create a training program that is tailored strictly to you. I personally trained with him for two years while I tested to become a firefighter. He is extremely patient and always willing to help his clients meet their goals. He spent countless hours with me creating strength movements that specifically pertained to my firefighting skills. Training with Larry significantly improved my overall strength and endurance and helped me meet my firefighting goals. Training with him is fun and well worth!”

Brittany C.

Tempe AZ

“1Stop Fitness is the BEST gym that I have ever been to in my entire life. From the moment you walk in, everyone makes you feel so welcome and comfortable! I absolutely hate exercising with a passion, but everyone at the gym always keeps me laughing and I never leave without a huge smile on my face!! Since January 1st, 2015, I have lost a little over 30 pounds and I mean it when I say that I could NOT have done it without 1Stop. Everyone is beyond supportive and encouraging! Not only do we share recipes, but we all keep each other motivated and inspired. I am so privileged to go there! Tomomi and Larry are two incredibly wonderful people and I am so lucky to call them my trainers and my friends. I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey at 1Stop – my new family ? I cannot recommend 1Stop enough. It will change your life!!”


Tempe AZ

“After injuring myself and over a year of absolutely no exercise, I wanted to get back into shape. Someone suggested I see Larry at 1Stop-Fitness. He sat down with me and listened to all of my concerns. Taking into account my past injuries and my age, he came up with a plan to help me get back into shape. I have been working with him for a few weeks now and I can’t tell you how happy I am. I am feeling better and more confident. We are working at a pace I can sustain and still see results. Thank you, Larry. I feel confident in recommending you to anyone.”


Goodyear AZ

“What an awesome workout, and an awesome facility and excellent trainers. Because of you Larry I am stronger and you help me stay motivated and keep me in line. I am probably your most stubborn client. But you make working out fun. Even when I get into couch potato mode, you can whip me back into shape in no time and it changes my whole mood. Thanks, Larry! You Rock!!! You keep motivating me to be my best and to believe that I have what it takes to achieve the results I want.”


Phoenix AZ

“My sisters started working out at this place called 1-Stop Fitness in March 2013. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday they would call me to come and I would say no. I can’t do Boot camp – I am so out of shape and very overweight. There is no way I am going to go and feel uncomfortable! But then…. I saw the results that two of my sisters were getting in just 30 days! That was it… I made the decision that changed my life and I never looked back! My first class was a Zumba class on May 15, 2013, and I have never missed a class!! I do the boot camp three times a week and the weekly kickboxing class. For the first time, I saw results and had fun working out! I was not uncomfortable and there was a modified version until I could work up to the exercise. Working out was not a chore – it was a priority and soon became the highlight of my day. So why the difference between 1-Stop Fitness from all the other workout spots? The difference is Larry Jones and Tomomi Tsuchio. They really take the time to understand you, mentor you, and motivate you to the point you are raising the bar and working out harder each time! So instead of sitting on the couch telling yourself you will start tomorrow – remember this… tomorrow never comes! You have to start today! One day at a time and one workout at a time! You can do this for yourself! 4 to 5 hours a week is less than 1% of your time. Give it 30 days and believe me – you won’t want to stop!!!! Just check out my results. Since June 1, 2013, I am down 31 pounds and 33 inches!!”

“Remember – 1 hour a day – 1 Stop Fitness – it has really helped me change my life and now I find myself doing more, having more energy, and loving life! Thank you La La and Tom Tom!”


Surprise AZ

Tomomi has transformed my body by giving me exercises that are a clear departure from the standard and routine exercises I find common in the traditional gym, using traditional machine equipment. The form and awareness she’s provided have allowed me to focus on my body movement, both while exercising and while doing everyday things (walking, sitting, running, lifting, typing, etc…) She has changed how I allocate my exercise time, by incorporating essential elements like: warm-ups, stretching, resistance and strength training, and Tabata-style high-intensity work. The contours in my arms and legs were most noticeable. I gained shape, not bulk. I slimmed and leaned down while improving my posture and overall fitness. And most importantly, she invigorated my enthusiasm for working out in a gym. The time flies when I’m “Getting Fit with T”!

Unfortunately, I moved out of state a few years ago. And I’ve hired five trainers in an attempt to replicate or replace what I was getting from my workouts with Tomomi. Yet none compare. I’ve met good, nice people who are trainers, but I haven’t met anyone who is as educated, detailed and progressive. No one matches her expertise an enthusiasm for overall health and wellbeing. Most of those, whom I’ve met have one or more of those attributes, but not all. None is like Tomomi, she is truly exceptional!

Fortunately, I get to return to AZ one or more times each year. And, each time I’m in town, I try to connect with Tomomi for a workout. Because I know, that in addition to maintaining a friendship with someone who sincerely cares about my body and overall health; I am able to maintain our fitness connection too! She gives me great tips and helps me to evaluate my progress while pointing me toward new workout horizons. Each time I leave with new moves and new exercises to master. I am truly grateful for her talent and expertise. Thank you, Tomomi!